"One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching".

The Indian Himalayas possess a magical aura to fully submerge a traveller into a timeless web of whimsical fantasy.. That sleepy little hamlet up the hill, the melodious roar of the gushing river stream passing through the cedar scented valley, those simple and charming inhabitants...far away from the maddening mayhem of the modern world, tucked away into a mysterious world of their own...

‘The Offbeat Soul’ is a soulful initiative to enable you to live your surreal Himalayan dream. The aim is to take you on a journey on a road less travelled, immerse you into an ethereal old world charm, and arrange a rendezvous with an alluring landscape, fables & folklores, exquisite local cuisine, and the rich culture & traditions..


Like any other common guy of his age, Rohit went the tried n tested way by graduating from University with a degree in Commerce, and then completing his MBA in Marketing & International Business.

Though Rohit was well settled in his corporate job of 9 years, he always felt something missing in his life. You guessed it right!! He was bitten by the travel bug..

Rohit’s passion for travelling and exploring new horizons took him to different corners of the world. He travelled extensively to USA, Canada, England, Scotland, Maldives, Thailand, Sri Lanka; apart from traversing the length and breadth of his own country.

His first foray into the professional world of travel was the setting up of his travel blogging website, ‘Travel with Rohit’, a blogging platform that he used as a medium to share his travel experiences, and to make his readers’ journeys more memorable and meaningful. Having forayed into travel writing & blogging for more than two years, he was now clear of his priority in life.

Rohit finally submitted to his wanderlust and quit his corporate job to follow his passion. It was during his 15 day solo backpacking trip across the stunning interiors of Himachal Pradesh, that he got the idea of launching his own travel company; an organization to assist fellow like minded travellers in ditching the tried and tested path, wandering into the ‘Off the beaten track’ destinations, and living the life of an ‘Offbeat Soul’ !!!

An avid trekker, Rohit has successfully completed various high altitude treks like Roopkund, Rupin Pass, Hampta Pass, Gaumukh Glacier, amongst others. In his free time, he loves to write, watch European Soccer, read books related to travel, history & archaeology, and keep searching for unexplored territories on Google !!