The sole objective of ‘The Offbeat Soul’ is to not only take you into the realms of the Himalayan wonderland, but to do it in a ‘Responsible’ way. We have taken pains to meticulously design the tours that enable you to understand what the term ‘Offbeat’ really means. We believe that going offbeat doesn’t only mean going to an obscure kind of a destination. It also means imbibing values and ethics that covert you into a ‘Responsible Traveller’.

‘The Offbeat Soul’ takes pride in being a flag bearer o0f the concept of ‘Responsible Travel’ and ‘Eco Tourism’, and running our trips in the most eco friendly way possible. Our endeavour is to make a positive contribution in the conversation of natural and cultural heritage of the region. By promoting ‘home stays’, we do our bit to generate greater economic benefit for the local community. Almost 100% of our trek leaders, guides and staff are locals.

Our trips are aimed at providing unforgettable experiences to our fellow travellers through a sustainable interaction with the locals, resulting in a deep understanding of their local culture, traditions, social & environmental issues..